Traffic comes to a screeching halt, horns blare and angry motorists start yelling as a young boy runs into the street, waving his arms. Fear is written on his countenance. “The corner! Stay away from the corner!” he shouts.

The chaplain from the Youth Home in Edgerton, Kansas runs after him. “Come on, Jimmy!” he shouts, breathlessly. “Get out of the street. You’re going to get run over.”

“I have to warn them!” he shouts back. “The corner! Stay away from the corner!” He pounds on the hood of a car.

The chaplain grabs him and drags him away from on-coming traffic. The boy struggles and they both fall to the ground just as a bus rolls past. Jimmy starts crying, hysterically.

“Someone has to warn them!”

Finally, he yields to his captor in great sobs.

“Its okay, Jimmy,” the chaplain assures him. “Come on. Let’s go back to the house. I know you think you did what you could.”