HEAVEN’S MISSION, my first novel, was written in 1996.

The people in a little town called Bethel, Kansas begin developing deep, dark secrets, including lies, greed, deceitfulness and even death. Pastor Jonathan Barns and his wife, Jennifer are praying for the Lord to wake the little town from its lethargic attitude. In answer to prayer, the Lord sends an angel named Mac to help. Everything starts unraveling and that which was hidden in darkness is brought to the light of day. This novel became a trilogy. Additional titles include TRIAL BY FIRE (AKA HEAVEN’S MISSION FOR A NEW GENERATION) and FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH (AKA LOVE TURNS LETHAL: HEAVEN PREVAILS).

I also enjoy writing about undercover police officers and their lives. The TARGET UNDERCOVER series came about. The first book, FOREVER MARKED, is about undercover police officer, Brad Reynolds, who is trying to retire from his last job which nearly ended his life. However, his former partner, Jack Kingston whom he had trained personally has turned against the United States and plans to use a weapon that could wipe out everything. It is up to Brad to stop his partner. In addition to all this, he has a son and daughter that he must protect.

After meeting with several members of the Police Force, I have been made aware my books are more true to life than I realize. Additional books in the Target Undercover Series includes THE CORNER, book 2 of that series which became well known in southern MO. Friends and I developed a mini drama about it and began getting requests from libraries and churches for the mini drama. VITAL HARVEST and MESSAGE DECODER are also included in the series. Some of the characters from the HEAVEN’S MISSION series join with the TARGET UNDERCOVER series. There is also a children’s book: THE ADVENTURERS OF KATIE CALF ON FAR-A-WAY FARM.