Heaven's Mission: For a New Generation

This story picks up 20 years after the birth of Jeremy. The formative years are waiting to be printed at a later date.

The young lady God has used so freely in His plan is nearing the end of her mission. She has one more mission ahead of her and goes willingly to fulfill it. She no longer has her husband and father at her side, but two grown boys with lives of their own. God still uses her in a mighty way, even with the onset of one of the most dreaded diseases imaginable. At first she is afraid, but soon realizes that fear is nothing more than false evidence appearing real.

She fulfills her final mission and the greatest blessing anyone has ever received is seen in her feeble form praising her Savior on bended knees outside in the dark of night. To the natural eye, one would think the moon was surely outshining itself on such a dark night.
Heaven's Mission: For a New Generation,
Book 2 of the Heaven's Mission Series.

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