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About the book:
US Special Services Agent Jack Kingston was Brad Reynolds partner. But Kingston betrays his country and sells out to the enemy.

Now the lives of Brad's fellow agents are at risk and his family is a target, so he leaves the service to move to a small town where he hopes he won’t have to look over his shoulder constantly.

But Reynolds discovers that once an agent, always an agent—there is no turning back. He has been
Forever Marked.

Book Excerpt:
Forever Marked

“Get back!” Brad yelled. “Call 9-1-1. Your mother has been shot! Stay in the house!”

“Hang on, babe!” he sobbed. “Help’s coming. Just hang on.”

Marilyn grabbed at his hand, gasping. “Brad . . . honey . . . promise me,” she said. Her voice quivered. “No revenge. No rev . . . ” her voice trailed off and her eyes fixed straight ahead.

“No!” Brad cried. “Marilyn! Marilyn!” He sobbed loudly. He heard the sirens that announced the arrival of medical attention that was too late . . .

Join Reynolds and his family as they face the life-threatening repercussions of Kingston’s treachery and the tests of their faith that result.

Forever Marked is the first book in Cecelia Davis' Target Undercover Series

Forever Marked

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Author Cecelia Davis has written many action packed Christian books. Forever Marked is a hard hitting, fast paced suspense - crime drama book about a former US Agent, Brad Reynolds, who resigns to protect his family from a traitor and his minions.
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